Konferencja w sprawie ochrony klimatu

Konferencja w sprawie Ochrony Klimatu

Raport podsumowujący Konferencję w sprawie Ochrony Klimatu, która odbyła się w mieście partnerskim Frankenthal w dniach 14-16 września 2015 roku.


The climate protection conference in Frankenthal was from the 14th till the 16th of September with our twin-towns from Sopot (PL) and Strausberg (DE) and there twin-towns from Debno (PL), Hamont-Achel (BE) and Southend-on-Sea (GB). The inten-tion of this meeting was an exchange about municipal climate protection projects.

There was a rich program for the 35 participants from the four European countries. The program started with a visit of the BASF in Ludwigshafen. In the afternoon was a technical tour in Frankenthal. The Group visited the new passive house kindergarten, the block heat and power plant and the photovoltaic construction at a public sports hall.

The climate protection conference started at Tuesday the 15th of September at 9 am in the Congressforum Frankenthal. Speakers of each country presented best-practice climate protection projects of their hometowns. After each speech was enough time for questions.

The program closed on the 16th of September with our climate protection day. It was for the delegation of our twin-towns and as well for the general public of Frankenthal. Round about 20 exhibitors from the regions showed electric bicycles, photovoltaic systems with battery storage and gave information about energetic building restoration.  

All in all was the exchange on municipal base a success and all members got lots of useful contacts and ideas for the future.